The Dream Center is where the imagination is engaged by inspired thought. Conceptually, The Whirlwind training system for personal change, teaches one how to change his or her daily routine by planting dream seeds that inspire daily thought surrounding what is done throughout each day. During the tough days of chasing that dream, games like 온카 can be a great way to loosen up.

I call it: The Challenge of Change.

The Dream Center is where planning and preparation take place and allows one to begin seeing each day differently. The Challenge of Change requires a bold decision, and personal belief, that one has the ability to change the meaning of daily experiences and see life through a different set of lenses.

Together, these two Whirlwind Motivational Concepts, work to change the perspective of anyone willing to search the horizons, daily, looking for those opportunities that always exist.

There are five Whirlwind Mindset Motivational Principles [WMP]. They are:

  1. Dedication.
  2. Determination
  3. Diligence
  4. Discipline
  5. Destination.

To start setting up the Dream Center, I will begin with WMP#1 and the definition of Dedication.

  1. Dedication: The act of setting apart, or state of being set apart, for a purpose.

Setting up each day as the Dream Center of Inspired Thought begins by dedicating each day, or setting it apart, for the purpose of planting dream seeds. Believing that every day can be an inspiring adventure, is a paradigm shift from traditional thinking. It requires a serious commitment to preparation and planning.

The daily journey becomes a transformational process, designed by you, that creates the person within you, you truly want to become, greater than ever imagined. 

And here’s the kicker…the world is waiting.

Whirlwind Mindset Motivational Principle #1:

  1. Dedication: The act of setting apart, or state of being set apart, for a purpose.

POD-Personal Organizational Development. I’m going to show you how to turn a simple little things-to-do-list into a power tool for personal transformation. First, organize your day by laying the foundation for more positive and productive outcomes. Simply put, being organized creates inspired thought. What do you see?

Looking forward to accomplishing everything on your things-to-do-list begins the transformational process and the paradigm shift. When is the last time you got excited about attacking your things-to-do-list. That’s the paradigm shift. You decide what things in life have value. Whatever you are involved in that has real meaning, without your involvement, has no value to you.

What you accomplish on a daily basis can become more than just making sure you don’t forget something. Everything you touch, touches you. Things you accomplish on a daily basis releases your creative power. Think about it. Whatever you make happen, you made happen. Simple things that are overlooked on a daily basis, as not being meaningful and insignificant, only appear that way because that’s the value that’s been placed on them. Make sure what you accomplish on a daily basis speaks loudly to you. What you make happen on a daily basis has to become a big deal and be a big deal to you even if it doesn’t appear to be a big deal to anyone else.

It’s time to awaken the person inside of you ready to escape!

The rest of setting up The Dream Center can be found in my on line book. Download it here.