John Henry Livingston

Founder, JoHen3LB & Whirlwind U

About John

John Henry Livingston is a certified facilitator/trainer on engagement and discovery-based learning, motivational speaker, and branding change strategist. He received his certification from BTS in Scottsdale, Arizona, a Global Leader in Strategy Alignment and Execution [].

He has been a marketing and communication professional and public speaker for nearly 30 years, and former marketing director at Marco’s Pizza. He is the founder of Whirlwind U Motivational Institute, a full-service branding and training agency, helping leaders and achievers grow their vision by embracing the challenges that come with change. His seminars and training are centered on strategy execution with an emphasis on branding and change.

He was a corporate trainer at ProMedica University for over ten years doing seminars on Managing Personal Change, Change Leadership and How to Put Together A Personal Change Plan for Professional Development.

John’s recently completed the development of a new seminar and training tool called: The Fifth Power Whirlwind Learning & Training System for Change™. The project has been nearly 15 years in the making and incorporates Whirlwind motivational principles that create paradigm shifting thought processes targeting traditional thinking on change. Its intellectual properties are unique to Whirlwind seminars and training and designed to create a unique learning experience to help organizations become a culture of creative excellence. Whirlwind self-discovery disciplines were used during training seminars at ProMedica and other corporate clients.

Through a unique partnership with The Image Group, as an independent contractor, John consults with clients on how to use promotional merchandise as a strategic branding tool to sustain culture change.

He has spent the five past seasons serving as The University of Toledo’s Football Team Chaplin and mentor for player development.

John and his wife have been married for 41 years, have one daughter and four grandchildren.

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