Be Unstoppable

How To Stay Motivated... No Matter What

"Change is not hard."

Commitment required.

Creative excellence is a continuous journey of learning and places a demand on protecting brand integrity.

"Transform your organization into becoming a culture of creative excellence."

How To Stay Motivated... No Matter What

"Are you trying to get everyone on the same page?"

Inspired people empower a brand. Lead. Others will follow.

"Discover keys that unlock untapped potential."

How To Stay Motivated... No Matter What

"History has a nature all of its own and a reputation it must protect. It won't compromise."

Success has a price. Are you willing to pay it?

"Mountains were meant to be climbed. Go where you've never been, experience what you've never known, and do what's never been done."

John Henry Livingston | Be Unstoppable.

How To Stay Motivated... No Matter What

"You weren't born to be like anyone else in the world."

Discover Yourself

"John Henry Livingston does more than just seminars of inspiration and hope.
He plants seeds that have the power to influence change."

John Henry Livingston Inspires Average Workers to Be Peak Performers

For over two decades, John Henry Livingston has motivated thousands of people associated with some of the most successful companies and organizations.

He enters and brightens the meeting rooms and conventional halls with brilliant speaking performances that inspire the audience to become peak performers.

And when he ends his talk, the audience does not just clap their hands in appreciation, they apply the principles he’s taught the next day they show up at work and the days that follow.

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